At Getting Oxfordshire Online, four local charities have joined together to tackle the digital divide and help get everyone online across Oxfordshire.

That old laptop or phone in a drawer can change a life!

So far, thanks to the generosity of donors, we’ve partnered with local charities and community groups to provide devices, connectivity and support to more than 3000 individuals and families. Your device can make a real difference.

NEW Join our Digital Inclusion Network

We’re launching a new, informal, network for organisations across Oxfordshire who are helping people to get online. Our aim is to help us all understand the various needs in our community, learn from each other and stay abreast of change in the fast-paced online world. Sign up here!

This project was initiated by Oxfordshire Community Foundation, and received seed funding from
Our Common Good and Oxfordshire County Council. The project is now hosted by SOFEA.

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