Donate an old laptop,
tablet or phone

We are very grateful for donations at our hubs Oxford, Didcot and Bicester.

To send us your laptop

  • We can take laptops up to 12 years old (Windows 7 or later and all macs).
  • We will securely wipe your device and don’t normally need passwords; please just ensure any corporate or firmware security is removed.
  • We can replace chargers and fix minor faults (batteries, screens etc) and will upgrade your laptop and install a modern operating system.

To send us your phone or tablet

  • We’re able to use iPhone 5s or Android 8 or newer
  • Please factory reset your phone or tablet to release from you iCloud or Google account before sending (or we’ll have to scrap the device). See instructions at

The benefits of donating devices

It helps people in need

Two young girls sharing a laptop

It is estimated that there are up to 40,000 people in Oxfordshire who are not online. While digital exclusion has been highlighted by COVID-19, it is a long-term existing issue that needs a sustainable solution.

It’s good for the environment

Hands at laptop overlaid with a recycle symbol

A study on ICT re-use at the University of Edinburgh estimated that by extending the lifetime of a single computer from four years to six years, approximately 190 kgCO2e of carbon emissions are avoided.

It helps you clear space

A study has estimated that as many as 40 million unused gadgets are gathering dust in UK homes. Recycling and reusing this technology for the good of others can be a satisfying way to clear space in your home.

Your questions answered…

What about my data?

Devices are securely ‘triple wiped’ to high security standards to remove all data from them. They are then reconfigured before being passed on to those who need them.

What if you can’t use my device?

If for any reason we are unable to use a laptop after you have donated it, it will be recycled. Some devices may be sold to partially fund the refurbishment work.

Who will get my device?

Our hubs have contacts with local schools and community organisations through which devices are passed on to people of all ages who need them.


Find a hub near you

Get details of our donation hubs in Oxford, Bicester and Didcot


Find a hub near you

Get details of our donation hubs in Oxford, Bicester and Didcot

Any questions?

Visit our contact page for more information about how you can get in touch.