Our Didcot hub is based at SOFEA, one mile from the Didcot train station. The main focus of the hubs is on wiping securely and refurbishing laptops, tablets and phones that have been donated by businesses or members of the public.

SOFEA warehouse building

Services available at this hub

  • Receiving devices

    We are pleased to accept laptops, tablets and phones, in good working condition. For full details, see our documents on what devices we can accept.

  • Providing devices

    Through the hub, we provide devices to people who have been referred to us by organisations, and occasionally directly to individuals. If your organisation is working with an individual or individuals who need a device and are not financially able to purchase one, please contact us.

  • Offering advice

    As well as wiping and supplying devices, the hub can also give advice about the other aspects of getting online. They may be able to suggest the best deals for data and connection costs, and give advice about local organisations who offer training and support.

Want to donate a device?

To send us your laptop

  • We can take laptops up to 12 years old (Windows 7 or later and any macs).
  • We will securely wipe your device and don’t normally need passwords; please just ensure any corporate or firmware security is removed.
  • We can replace chargers and fix minor faults (batteries, screens etc) and will upgrade your laptop and install a modern operating system.

To send us your phone or tablet

  • We’re able to use iPhone 5s or Android 8 or newer
  • Please factory reset your phone or tablet to release from you iCloud or Google account before sending (or we’ll have to scrap the device). See instructions at www.oxforditbank.com/prepare-your-device

How to wipe a digital device

We wipe all devices that are given to us to a high level of security. However, there are some steps we advise you to take before bringing your device to us. Remember to save any files or photos that you may want in the future, as these will no longer be available after the device has been wiped. For detailed information about how to wipe your data from your device before donating it, please see our downloadable guidance documents below.


Wiping a mobile phone

There are some simple steps that you can take yourself to return your phone to its factory settings.


Wiping a tablet

Download our guide to follow some easy steps to reset your tablet and remove your data.


Wiping a laptop

While it is not a substitute for the secure wiping process we use, we advise you to take some steps yourself to wipe your data before donating your laptop to us. Please see our step-by-step guide on how to do this.

Hub information

Address: Unit 1E Trident Park Basil Hill Road Didcot OX11 7HJ

Contact: Jack Phillips

Phone: 01235 886113

Email: getonline@sofea.uk.com

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